Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bronchial Pneumonia

that's what I've been dealing with this past month. It started out like any other cold but didn't want to stay that. I had made it through the whole winter just fine without getting anything up until now. Then leave it to me to get this. And of course I try to get rid of it myself with all the over the counter meds. But of course they didn't work and I finally had to give in and go see the Dr.
So insued the breathing treatments, antibiotics, inhaler and prednisone. Had to switch antibiotics because the first one messed with my urination so now I am on another. I feel like all I am doing is taking pills. One before I eat, one after I eat and then before bedtime. Always a pill to take. I guess I should've had a Pneumonia shot this year along with my Flu shot. But my Dr. said I would be good without it.
My poor dogs have felt neglected lately since I didn't want them to get sick, I have tried to stay my distance from them. They are such lovers and when they can't be on your lap they think they have done something wrong. I put a gate up so they can't get back to the bedroom when I was in bed most of the time. They just lay there watching me. Dogs are so loyal.
Well I am feeling better and I go to the Dr. tomorrow so hopefully I get some good news. Maybe not an all clear but I know I am feeling better.
Hope you have had a good day today.
God Bless,