Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Health Care-Why isn't it there for us?

I don't know if you know of Michael Moore or not. But you NEED to watch his film on our Health Care System of the USA. It is called
I was so amazed at the things he showed in this film. The things our hospitals do to the poor that can't pay. The way they make them throw-aways and just dump them on the streets when they still need care and they are dazed and confused, still drugged up from their partial hospital stay.
He shows the way other countries have such a better "One for all" Health Care System in place. How the ones that do pay don't mind at all that they have to pay and the ones that don't, don't have to. They just say--"I can afford it and they can't."
In one country he took a woman from the US who needed inhalers- here she pays around $120 something each for them, in that country it only cost her 5 cents. I don't remember how many they brought back to the US for her.
If it only costs 5 cents there then why do we have to pay so much here???
Whether you like this guy or not you really need to watch this movie. You will be amazed at what you learn. I WAS........... But not totally shocked because I know our Government is greedy.
It is on the Movie Channel and TMC through Aug. 5th.
You can find the listing for the times there.
I wouldn't recommend you let your kids watch this as it does have some nudity from the hospital scenes. But PLEASE do set aside the time to watch this. It is 123 minutes long and very worth watching.

There is no reason our Government couldn't have the same Health Care as these other countries that he visited. The only problem with our Government is that they are greedy.

Michael Moore has even been referenced in Health Affairs Magazine--
Quote--(And thanks to Bill Moyers and former Cigna executive Wendell Potter for reminding us that Michael Moore had it right about the insurance industry in SiCKO.)
You'll find it down in the center of the page.

Another page to look at is one about Bill Moyer. He gets to the nitty gritty of the Health Care. With whistle blowers and things we like to hear about, as US citizens.

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