Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kenmore & Frigidaire front load washing machines: Exposed!

I am posting the following from a friend of mine who works in the field of washers and dryers, stoves and refrigerators, along with furnaces and air conditioners.
This is very enlightening.....

I had a customer with a "no spin" situation. Went out and pulled the tech spec sheet. Entered testing and diagnostic mode, Read a code 43. According to the spec sheet this indicates a bad control board. Bought a board and put it in. Still didn't work. Pulled the same code. I went back to my office and did some research and found out that the problem is not the board but it is the door latch assembly and that Kenmore has a glitch in their system that they are trying to "cover up".

Furthermore, Kenmore control boards are made by Electrolux, which is the parent company of "Frigidaire" , which uses the very same control board.

Spoke to the engineering departments and public relation departments of "both" companies. Ended up having to tell this story over 20 times to over 20 different people!

They will not refund my money on the board. They will not publish a recall or a notice bulletin. They make more money by selling a board "and" a latch assembly than they do just selling the latch assembly alone! This is the second time in 2 weeks I have dealt with this issue. The first one was a Frigidaire!

There are people buying 2 or 3 boards before finding out about the actual problem. Because they are electronic parts, once they have been installed, they cannot be taken back. At $165 to $195 a pop, Kenmore and Frigidaire are making a fortune on this!

Also, ....I am finding that it is happening on machines averaging 2 to 3 years of age, which means the door latch assembly was intentionally designed to outlast the warranty, yet more than 3 years!

It has now become my suspicion that this was an "executive decision!"

Therefore, I hereby proclaim to all of my good customers out there: "Do not buy Kenmore or Frigidaire front load washers." I will not be selling them in the field anymore, and I am now telling "everybody" to stay away from "both" of them! This is a very devious and unethical practice being perpetrated by "both" of these companies! And, it really makes me angry, .....'cause, ....(lol)... ....not only was I recommending them to my customers, but, ....I just bought one for "my" own home" as well!

It is my hope that by boycotting them, ......they will lose enough customers to "force" them to "address this issue!" As a veteran in the field, I am "very" disappointed in the public relations and engineering departments of "both" of these companies and I will now be plastering this statement across the entire net!

I've never been a big fan of Maytag or Amana either, this doesn't leave us with very many options on buying (so called) "American made" front load washing machines. So, .....buyer Beware!

Please "forward" this statement!

(grin) LG looking pretty good right now.

(signed) RoboJoe Industries


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Goose Hill Farm said...

WOW! I was looking at them a few weeks ago in Lowe's. Guess I'm going to turn my gazes elsewhere!

Thank you for the information, Christina!