Friday, November 12, 2010

Why is it so hard to say it

Gone are the days of families with happy homes and everyone wanting to talk about their relatives. Now almost every home has been broken up or some has committed suicide, or someone is in prison, or someone isn't talking to someone over something stupid. Why don't people realize life is too short to hold grudges and children grow up way to fast and those moments are gone, never to be had again. Mothers, fathers, even grandparents are taken from us way to soon and if you don't tell them you love them you are left with that aching feeling of wondering ** did they really know how much I loved them***??
SO tell them NOW when you can. Why don't people just do that. Why is it so hard to tell someone *I love you*, instead of just thinking they know it. Those words could make a persons day. Those words could stop a person from doing something very harmful to themselves because they thought no one cared.
God showed you he loved you by sending you JESUS-------------- so why is it so hard for you to tell someone you *LOVE* them???????

And it doesn't just have to be family that you say *I love you * to. What about that stranger at the store that looks like they need a pick me up, or the waitress that looks frazzled. I'm sure that would really make their day to know someone cares. 

                                    I care 


                       I LOVE YOU  !!!!!

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