Monday, December 31, 2012

Missed at the gun range..

We had been going to the gun range every other weekend the last few months. But today I didn't feel like going so Mr. L. went by himself today. All he heard was "where is your other half"? And other such questions. He said he had never felt so unwelcomed. 
I told him it wasn't that he was unwelcomed, it was just that they were used to seeing us together. 
He shoots a .40 cal Smith & Wesson and I shoot a .9 mm Smith & Wesson. We both do very well. We don't do much as enjoyment so that is our latest. 
It doesn't cost much and we can keep up on our shooting and it lets us compete against each other. Since we do like to see who can out shoot whom. 

This is my other gun, a Kel-Tek.

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