Monday, January 14, 2013

Bob Evans now totally smoke free- not allowing ecig smokers.

We have enjoyed eating at our local Bob Evans so often. So we were shocked when we went in there to eat  this past weekend as usual and we were told that Mr. L. could no longer vape his ecig in the restaurant. The manager told us that either he had to stop smoking it or we had to leave. 
Shocked was beyond the words I can say we had. Since an ecig is in no way a tobacco product. The manager said he knew that, but it was their policy as of the 1st of this year.  
I have to ask how many more of our rights are going to be taken away from us??? They took away the smoking- which people reluctantly accepted and now they are taking away the safe way of smoking. Which harms no one by it's vapor. 
Did you know that there are many different flavors that you can get for ecigs? If you ever set next to someone who vapes, you might smell coca-cola, tutti-fruti, or even blueberry, along with bubblegum and watermellon. Who wouldn't want to set next to someone with something that smells like that than a stinky cigg.? 
Besides did you know that some people who smoke an ecig aren't even smoking a drop of nicotine? That's right there is a 0 nicotine juice they can order just to vape in the ecig? So you wouldn't even know if the person vaping next to you is even truely vaping any nicotine or not. 
Some like the smell and the habit of it or the calmness of the action. 
Much like crocheting to relax. Or even a cup of coffee to wake you up or relax in the middle of the day.  

Are you aware of any other restaurants where vaping is no long allowed? 
What are your thoughts on this subject, either as our rights being taken away from us or just being fed up with the politics of it all??

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