Sunday, July 14, 2013

Been busy making Army Tags Key Chains

I expanded my jewelry making to make some key chains. But these can also be made as necklaces if someone wanted. They can be used to put on your purse, back pack, golf bag even some kids have put them on their shoes. 

There are all sorts and they appeal to everyone is some sort of way. Young and the young at heart. The gamers, the girls who love their guys, the ones who love their drinks, or just the nostalgic ones. 
These can all be found at Christina's Creations 
They go for $10 each. 

Have a nice day.
Sorry I've been gone so long..


Anonymous said...

OH! Can you do one with a Photo of Jacob on it for me?

*AKA Glow academy LOL

Christina said...

I can't seem to get the picture ones to lay down too well. May be because of the thickness. I can't seem to get my printer to print the size I want. So I have only tried to use regular pictures. But if you can send me (printed out) ones I could try it that way.