Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update-Life is a blessing.

I know a I've been away for some time now. Time just got away from me. With the new addition to our family, Cora Jane. She is almost a yr old now. Doing fantastic, making her voice known. Even as small as she is (only 4 lbs, 4 oz.) she thinks she is the leader of the pack. Manny the (Think I'm the leader) let's her yap all she wants and spends lots of time playing with her. But Punkin (aka Momma) gets her play time in as well but she still tells them all what's what when they get to rowdy. 

We have moved since we talked last. Bought a house actually. Love it. 4 bdrm, full basement, 2 car garage, double lot with a fenced in yard for all the fur babies to run as they like. It's an old 1900's built home but in the best condition. Even has a fireplace. The kitchen looks completely different than the rest of the house. Which is old/antique style. When you walk into it, you think you're walking into an old 50's diner. It's all red & white checkered. So we just left it & started filling it with Coca-Cola items. We just love it. 
It even has a parlor with the double doors, but we are using it as a bedroom, so we have 2 down and 2 up. Actually the 2 up are being used for my sewing room & a spare storage room. The up stairs steps are the original ones (so they are very steep) so we don't want any of the gr-kids going up & down them. The reason for the 2nd bedroom downstairs. 
The house was move in ready, all we had to do was wipe everything down like you would normally before you move in & vacuum. How nice was that. And the basement is even a dry basement. We have part of it set up as a work out gym. Not to mention we have a fantastic 16 x 20 covered deck on the back of the 3 season porch. We can set out on the deck when it rains and enjoy the rain. It's great for cookout's, or just having your morning coffee & listening to the birds in the backyard. We couldn't have gotten a better home. At least we don't think so. 

God has blessed us with another Harley so I won't complain about my BUTT hurting while we ride. Hubby was understanding but he did get tired of stopping every 45 minutes or so for me to get off & walk a bit before we continued on our rides. Now we can go up to 2 hrs before we stop.But that's bathroom breaks or for gas now. It sure let's us get to our destination much sooner. ha ha

Well I think I've caught you up on our blessing, I hope he has sent some your way too. I will include some pics so you can enjoy. 
Sure missed you all..  Have a beautiful and bountiful day. 

 Puppies, getting warm by the heater. 

 Mailbox hubby done up, Harley style. 

 Harley wind chime I made for hubby. 

 Cora Jane getting her 1st Ice Cream. I believe she likes it. 

 This is the view of our backyard. Yes, it's that huge. 2 full city lots. It even goes beyond the trees back there yet. 
Enjoying the rain on the deck. 

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