Monday, May 17, 2010

Something I haven't done before

I know up til now I haven't shown a pic of myself but I just came across this pic of my hubby and myself and just wanted to share it. Yes now you know I am just 4ft. 6in. tall. Yes that means I am a dwarf. Yes I was teased as a child. Even though I had 4 brothers, I wasn't spoiled being the only girl in the family. I had to learn how to work on cars and motorcycles if I wanted my fathers attention. Since I was the only girl he didn't know how to show any attention to me. So I had to vie for his attention in becoming a tomboy. Even though we didn't spend alot of time together we were alot alike. Strong headed, easy going and easy to forgive. I spent lots of time with my mother and learned how to pinch a penny. With a family of 7 and her making ends meet the way she did was a miracle. My father was a bad drinker so that came first before the bills and food. But mother always made sure there was food on the table.
But as I look back on those days I see that it was the Lord that made it all work, not my dad or my mom. See I asked him into my heart when I was all of 10yrs. old. Started praying my heart out that my dad would stop his drinking. Well he finally did, many years later when he blew his head off. Something I had trouble trying to tell my 2 children, then 15 and 16. That was when I realized that our prayers DO get answered but in Gods time NOT our time. I wasn't mad at God at the way my dad died. Actually I was happy that he was finally gone. Happy because his drinking wasn't hurting the ones that loved him any more.
My life has been hard but I keep strong because I have our Lord holding my hand every step of the way.
This is but only a glimpse into the torment of my life of the past.
But as of the last 10yrs. it has gotten much brighter.

Now you know a little more about me. How about you sharing a bit about yourself and sending me the link?

God Bless,

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