Monday, August 16, 2010

Face--Wall Art, what is its origin??

I am not one to usually buy something like this but this caught my eye. It is made from one single piece of leather. The face part is all smooth and the rest has a stiff feel to it. It has no markings on it and I am not sure where it might have come from or who might have made this. Do any of my followers have any idea as to it's origin??? I would love to hear any ideas you may have. I'm still not sure if it goes with the rest of my decor yet or not, the reason for it to be on a wall all by its self. Hubby says it gives him a creepy feeling. I myself just am amazed as to who made it. More over maybe how old it might be?
I got it at the Salvation Army Store so I only pd $1.96 for it so I'm not out much for it, if it turns out to not be made by any "tribe" or anything. But I would really like to find out its origin.

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