Friday, December 30, 2011

May we all be thankful

 A good friend of mine wrote this and I thought is was appropriate and fitting and wanted to pass it on.

This has been a rough year for a lot of people, there has been heartaches.. dissapointments.. Loss of people we love, trouble with finances, mistakes made, lessons learned.. Loss of friends. But we have to think of the good too.. We are still alive, we have food, shelter, new friends. We still have a God that loves us.. He does things right on time.. He never leaves nor forsakes us.. Let's be thankful he has allowed us to see another day, another year.. Let's thank God for all the good, all the blessings he has given.. Let's bring in this New Year just believing God's promises.. Giving him the glory & praise for it all!! 
May God Bless each & every one!!

Thank you Lorraine.
May the LORD always show his kindness upon you. May he continue to teach you the lessons you need in your life. Keeping in mind that his lessons are not always easy.  Some do bring heartache and pain. But lessons non the less. 

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