Sunday, December 4, 2011

She thinks she is freezing

We got this electric heater a couple weeks ago and it does very well at keeping the house warm and the furnace from running during the day. It only kicks on a few times when the temp. drops from where we have it set. We researched and this is supposed (yes supposed) to only cost $1.30 a day to run it. We only run it during the day while we are awake and home. So we will see when our electric bill comes next month. I will let you know. I know the gas bill will be down since the furnace isn't kicking on as much. 
So as you will see our little Punkin likes to stay warm and she use to set in front of the heater ducts when the furnace came on. But since she noticed this stays on all the time she loves to lay in front of this as you can see. She will change positions every few minutes to warm another section on her body. She thinks anything under 75 degrees in freezing. Even in the summer time. She is a blast to watch. We have to keep fuzzy blankets in their cage so she can get into them in the summer when she thinks it is too cold out. 

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KAT said...

love your photos of Punkin pup is the same way !