Saturday, January 14, 2012

What makes me less than you?

I've had this conversation with many folks. It usually starts out when we are talking about the economy and we get around to our homes and vehicles. 
We get to talking about how bad it has gotten and how bad we've had to tighten our belts and then the other party says something stupid like "well at least you live in a trailer, you don't know what it's like to have bills". Well that may be true, I do live in a mobile home. But what they don't take into consideration is MY home is already paid for. So NO I don't have that big bill YOU have. I paid for my home with CASH. I don't owe a bank for my home. I will never have to worry about it being taken away from me if I don't make that payment each month.
But does that make my home any more less than yours? NO I don't see why it should. It keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer and dry when it rains, all the same things your home does. Sure mine might not be as filled with fancy what nots as yours, but I don't need those for mine to be a home. I have nice curtains that I did myself to my liking. I painted the walls the colors I wanted. I have things on the walls that are my taste. My home is filled with love. 

When my kids and grandkids come over they know they don't need to take their shoes off at the door because dirt is meant to be cleaned up. I don't run a museum, come in - sit down and stay awhile. What's mine is yours, make yourself at home. If you're thirsty, you know where the fridge is, get it yourself. 
I don't have one of those homes where you come in and sit in the same spot til you leave because you are afraid you might mess something up. That's my sister-in-law. NOT me. 

Then on to my car. It might not be the newest one on the market but yes I paid cash for it. It isn't full of rust and dents. I always trust in the Lord to provide me with what I can afford. He has never let me down yet. 
But I hear, "but I wouldn't be caught in something less than 2 yrs old". Well then you have fun making those payments. Right along with that house payment. Then wonder why you don't have money to do things. Why is it that people are so worried about keeping up with the JONES'S or SMITH'S? When the Lord will provide you with all the things you need if only you let him.
As long as that car runs and gets you from A to B and back to A, why do you care what it looks like? 

Another thing that gets my goat is when they get down on me about my grocery shopping. Yes I buy store brand food most of the time. I find there to be no difference in taste or texture once it is cooked up than the name brand food. Once you add your seasonings it all tastes the same anyway. I save so much money buying store brand. And things in bulk. Now don't get me wrong I will buy name brand when they are on sale and I have a coupon for them, so I save extra on them. That is when they usually end up costing less than store brand so that's when I will get them. But only then. With the Lord's help he has showed me many ways to save on things. From my home, vehicle to groceries to even my clothing. 
Yes, I shop at the RAG stores, as the wealthy call them. Those would be Goodwill Store, Salvation Army Store and Dollar Stores. And YES I do like me my garage sales. I see nothing wrong with used clothing. I take it home and give it a good washing right off anyways. So it's like getting it brand new to me. Besides, this way it has already been washed a number of times and you know if it was going to shrink it has done it by now. I can't see spending $30 for a T-shirt or $90 for a pair of Jeans, when I can get the same thing for $1-$3 at the goodie store.(as I call it) Plus if you take your time you can get brand new clothes with the tags still on them. I have gotten many clothes this way. Even fancy named clothes. But you won't get many high fluting people to go shopping at these places. Those are beneath them. They wouldn't be caught dead in there. 
Well then you keep paying your high prices and when you donate them for your tax write off's, I'll benefit from your money grubbedness. 

You know I guess I should thank the stingy people out there. Because if it weren't for them spending their all might dollar to first buy that NEW Home and discard it like trash I wouldn't have been able to buy it for cash at such a low price. Same goes for the vehicle. They bought it new then discarded it like yesterdays trash, just so I could cherish it and keep it running because it means something to me. Then they change their clothes as often as they change the tv channels. Just so I can have such nice clothes at dirt cheap prices.
WOW without the so called RICH people where would the poor people be? 
OH -- wait, they would be no where because it is us poor people who work our butts off doing all the work in their shops to make them rich, where they pay us minimum wage in the first place. 
So I guess I take back my thank you after all..........................


KAT said...

great post ! We all need to read this and think about it deeply.
God bless you

Beth said...

Hey! Tell em sister! I love lookin for ways to have nice things but for cheapy! Make it yourself and you love it so much more! I think God gives us all gifts to use and bless each other with. Some crafts, some art, some business, some teaching, etc..and whatever our lot in life, we should give Glory to Him. Love!

Denise said...

Wonderful post, filled with truth.