Monday, January 30, 2012

While wanting to eat better

What a great dinner. Had this the other night. 
Trying to eat better and after I had seen a youtube video 
 from *Cooking With Chris*, Chris Stevens I just had to try the potato substitution. I have to say it's not so bad & it gives you more of the vitamins & protein you need. It will become a regular staple in our meals from now on.
Are there any foods you are incorporating in your meals that you would like to share? Not only is it better to eat healthier but it helps to make you feel better and helps to get you out there and enjoy life with your grand kids instead of telling them NO you will just watch. 


Denise said...

Keep eating healthy sweety.

Christina said...

Thank you. We are doing good. We have both lost some weight and we are doing exercises together. Which are fun since we try to see who can out do whom, so that motivates us. With me being only 4'6" and being 200 my knees just couldn't take it any more. Besides I am tired of taking all the pills I have to take.