Monday, April 16, 2012

Bird houses we finished this weekend..

I showed you a few weeks ago about a birdhouse with a window in the back. So 
that you can hang it in front of a window and watch in the back how the birds 
make their nests and see the babies hatch. 
This is how ours turned out. Only difference is we made the back so you can lift
 it up and clean it out. Since birds don't like to come to a place that already has 
a nest built. 
We used a small 3x4 picture frame, since it already had the glass in it. They 
were cheap to pick up at the discount store. We used a super glue type of glue 
to hold the glass in place. 
Using a 1x6 piece of lumber made it easy to cut and put together. We used the 
inside of an old cupboard door as the top. We took the outside frame off and 
ended up with the top after we cut it in half. We left them all natural so to 
resemble the look and smell of trees. We also hooked them to a double 
shepherds hook. That way we didn't have 2 posts in the flower garden.
I also took the mesh bag you get oranges in and filled it with the lint from the 
dryer. Then wove strands of yarn in and out of it, then hung it on one of the 
trees in our front yard. That way they have things to help build the nests.