Monday, April 9, 2012

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I had a fabulous weekend. 
Mr. L. went for a motorcycle ride with his friends for a few hrs. Saturday and when he got back we had a bonfire with one of them.
As I tried to clean the house while he was out, I had trouble with the vacuum cleaner. it was blowing dust. I couldn't figure out why since Mr. L. had used it last and said he replaced the bag. 
So I decided to look at the bag to see if it was on tight or full. 
This is what I seen when I opened it up.

As you can see I wasn't a happy camper. So even though I tried to get it all in the trash when I cleaned it out, I had to make a mess to clean it up. Making my house cleaning extra long. But I still love Mr. L. as we all forget to do things once in awhile. 

Then I decided to cut my hair, it was getting so it was touching my shoulders and I don't like the way it gets hot in the summer. I am losing most of the perm I got back in January but there is enough left to keep it cute. I just cut the back and tapered it so it looked nice.
At least I think so. What do you think????

I have to wear my glasses when I drive and watch TV. So I took a pic of me with it both ways. 

When I was done cutting my hair I was searching for all the puppies since it was so quiet in the house and I had to look twice for Punkin. She was hiding, she was cold. If it's below 80 degrees she thinks she is freezing. 

Their cage door is always open during the day so they can go in and out. 

On Sunday I spent time with Mr. L. and went out for dinner. I love it when we spend time together like that. He is always such a gentleman. Not that he isn't any other time but it just makes you feel good when others look at your man and you know he's yours. 


Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend. You look lovely.

Christina said...

Thank you Denise, hope your weekend was great..