Monday, August 27, 2012

Had the granddaughter over the weekend

It was a blast. While she was here she wanted to go through the pics I had in my camera so I took the SD card out and put it in the laptop so we could see the pics in a bigger view. Well that was a mistake. We came across some videos papa had made over the last couple years. Nothing bad mind you. She liked one in particular. She suggested I put it on youtube. So I said sure if you help me. Since I had never put one on there before. I have looked at plenty and I even have one blogger I just love that puts her blog videos on there. I had often wanted to ask her how she did that but never gotten around to it. 
So we tried as we may to upload our video. We tried and we tried.
No luck. It took us an hour and finally we got it figured out. It was uploading but it was going into Windows Media *playlist* instead of the Videos area. 
It takes me a bit but I finally get things figured out. So now we have this video on youtube. Boy I sure didn't know my voice sounded that bad once it was recorded. Or maybe I just sound like that when I talk to my dogs. I do have a tendency to baby talk around them, since I spoil them a lot. 
Mr. L. was not as happy when I told him he was a celebrity. But he has come to terms with it as I caught him telling his friend about it last night. 

Hope you enjoy it. As I said it was not meant for anything special. We were just being ourselves. As you can see we love our dogs and we treat them as one of the family. 

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