Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why do people do such things????

Why is it that when you are wanting to buy a used car you never get the truth from the other party until you get there in person to talk to them? I have called on numerous vehicles in the past few months and asked many questions that one would ask when looking for a vehicle. Only to get there and then be told "oh, I forgot to tell you that this and this is wrong with the vehicle." Why do people do that? Are they seriously thinking that just because the person already drove there that they will still buy the vehicle? WRONG- that only makes me mad and I am determined then to find all the things wrong that I can then with the vehicle. And then I will tell them all the things I find wrong and that no way will they get what they are asking for the vehicle.
I have spent so much money traveling to see vehicles that I could have already pd. for the taxes and plate fees already. I like to buy locally but we live in a small town and I have found nothing here so we have to travel either 38 miles East of us or up to 49 miles West of us to go look for vehicles. By the time I do find one the money I had saved up to get it will be spent on gas.

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