Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Button Bracelet Tutorial

I came across this over at Indigo Blue Design's Blog and just had to share it with everyone. She did such a great job on these. I will have to try to make some.
I think these would be great for church or girl scouts, or even to make with the grand kids. I'm sure if you used the fancier buttons you could even make a set of earrings to match.


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Christina said...

Hi Renee',
how are you doing???
I have been so busy. Trying not to get sick and getting ready for the in-laws visit later this week. They r coming from Tn. Always love to see them. We went to see them the 1st of this month b4 Larry finally goes back to work after being on unemployment for over a year. I wanted a vacation so we went to visit them.