Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A game where you Play and Feed Hungry people.

This game couldn't be more fun if it tried. You learn spelling and become smarter at the same time along with being able to feed people for FREE all in one. It is such a great way to strengthen your mind and word vocabulary. You might even surprise yourself to see how much you already know. Or what you don't know. Either way you'll have a lot of fun and feed many people at the same time.
So head on over and at least give it a try to see how well you do. Even send it on to your friends to let them see how well they do.
Enjoy and have fun......


Goose Hill Farm said...

Isn't that a great site? I love it! :> )

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hey, Christina~

How are you? I LOVE this site. Isn't it great?
:> )