Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Lamp Shade to Flower Vase.

I picked this lamp shade up at the Salvation Army Store yesterday for $1.50. Just had to have it. It went so well with my sofa I recovered a few years back. I just loved the way the flowers on it went all the way around it in 3 different spots. But not to overwhelm it.
I already had the flowers to put in it just waiting to be put to some use. Then I had to go through my ribbon stash and find the right one to accent this.
As you can see I think I found the right ribbon for the job. Although I am not sure of the length as of yet. I might still cut it down a bit and shorten it.

This is the end result. With it setting a top the coffee table Larry's folks gave him, which by the way is over 35 yrs old.

All in all I would say the lamp shade was a GREAT find for $1.50.

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