Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comment/update on Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Well it's been 1 day shy of a full 2 weeks Mr. L. has been smoking this and I have to say I feel much better. As for Mr. L. he just has nothing but *RAVE* reviews for this thing. He isn't hacking in the mornings when he gets up anymore. He still smokes about the same as he did before. (remember this is "NOT" a stop smoking devise) He isn't getting all the tar and junk from a regular cig. like he was. He has no yellow fingers anymore. He realized what he was addicted to most was the tar and other additives they had in the cigs. This he says has a much smother taste. Of course you can order many flavors of juice(ejuice). That is what you put into the cartridge. He likes the Cola, Strawberry and Cotton Candy flavors best.
All that the people around him see when he smokes is a water vapor come out from the cig. Not really much of that in actuality. But it is there. It is coming from the juice when it is heated up from the battery when the person inhales then exhales just like they would normally on a cig. If you are close enough to the person you will get the smell of the flavor but it doesn't bother you. Mr. L. has blown the vapor right in my face to see if it would make me cough or anything and it did nothing. I was amazed. The dogs lick the air at it when they are close enough to him.
Granted this is not for everyone, but as for Mr. L. he says he will never go back to a regular cig. again. The house smells much better. When I put flowers out their smell lasts much longer and aren't drowned out by cig. smoke.
This is something I have grown to like a lot.
If you are thinking about buying one of these--do your research. That's what we did. We spent over 3hrs. on the internet and youtube looking at all the things people had to say about the electronic cigs. That's how we ended up with the one we did. We are glad we did. After getting the one we got, we have heard from others around town that bought other brands and how unhappy they were with theirs.
Mr. L. even has guys at his shop buying this brand since it is cheaper a month than cigs. and healthier  (if I can say that--) at least for the people around you. They don't have to smell or breathe the 2nd hand smoke anymore.
This site that sells this brand is even on facebook and each month they put up a different coupon so you can save on something. That's a deal in its self. This month we saved on the juice- the coupon was bogo. So instead of $9.99 a bottle we got 2 for that price. So we really stocked up. Next month they will be having a coupon for the 510 PCC.  
Well this was just to give you an update on how Mr. L. was doing and how he liked his new Electronic Cig.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend.....

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