Monday, May 16, 2011

Have you heard of this?

This is a Smokeless cigarette. We sent for this Thursday night and just got it today in the mail. Not bad since it came from Florida.
Mr. L. hates getting told to go smoke in the other room away from me. I just hate the smell and it makes me cough. Plus we need to repaint the bathroom ceiling already, since he smokes in there before he goes to bed and for his middle of the night smokes.
So we had heard about these smokeless cig. and searched online through many to find this one. It came out on top of many we read about. The cost was reasonable at $39.97 w/free shipping. Plus the ejuice (nicotine) for it is only $9.99 a 10oz. bottle that lasts at least a month. So that is much better than what one would normally spend a month for cig. Came with a charger to plug in or a usb to charge it. Not to bad. It is charging right now so that when Mr. L. gets home tonight he can put a drop or 2 of ejuice in the atomizer and put the 3 pieces together and give it a try. remind you it won't taste exactly like a cig. but will give you the same somewhat effect. It does have nicotine in it so you will get straight nicotine. So that is why some think it isn't the same. Of course it tastes different you are use to having all the additives in that cig. But it will still give you the white vapor you are use to getting from a normal cigg. but this vapor is ONLY water. How cool is that. The end lights up a red so it even looks like a cig.
It did come in a choice of white or black. But if you get Black- people won't be as apt to bug you to please leave the restaurant, or say you can't smoke in your shop or work place- since they will notice right off it is NOT a regular cig.
I am not trying to sell this to anyone-- and this is NOT a stop smoking device. It is just a safer way for the people around you when you are smoking.
I know I will breathe much better now.

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