Sunday, May 22, 2011

Protection for your outdoors Umbrella and Glass Table

I don't know about you but my umbrella keeps blowing in the wind when it is open, and when it does it bangs against my glass table something horrible. 
Well I remembered we had some of that insulation tubing left over from where we put it on our water lines a year ago. It was black but it is just the right size to fit down the hole in the center of the table and the center of the footing if you have a hole there and put some into the bottom where the umbrella goes into, to also stabilize it better.  Here are some pics of how ours turned out. I haven't cut the top yet but you get the idea.

                     This is the top where I haven't cut off yet..
                                       This is under neath the table.
 And of course down into the hole in the foot area. And into the white base. Yes that is my yellow foot.
As you see it fits so snug there is no need for tape or zip ties of any sort. We just gently pushed it down from the top.

What a way to relax after spending all day mowing the lawn, planting some flowers, getting my tomato plant in (it's a BIG one so that's all I'll need) and getting the wood sorted and in containers. 
We plan to have a nice fire in the fire pit tonight also. Like to relax outside but with all the rain we've been having we hadn't been able to. 
Next we have to approach the deck and get it closed in a bit so the dogs will stay on it and not need to be tied out when we are out. Need 2 doors on each end and to block out so they don't jump out between the boards. So far only the Bichon does the jumping out.

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