Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I changed up my Checkbook Covers a bit...

I have decided to make these without the vinyl over them. That way they are washable and softer. I found that with the vinyl on them they were a little hard to get in and out of my purse and stuck to some of my stuff in my purse. They seem to be more appealing to people this way also.
I have found that men like these as wallets since they are soft to set on, they fold them in half and they aren't as bulky as other wallets. They are small enough when folded to fit in either the front or back pocket for safe keeping. When folded they look just like a handkerchief. So pick pockets wouldn't be as apt to grab what they think is a handkerchief would they?????
I have decided to lower the price to $5.00 from the price I did have at $10. I figure I can sell more at that price rather at the higher price since I'm not using the vinyl and the other edging.
Plus these do have many uses. Besides being used for Checkbook covers they can be used for wallets not only for women but for men too. And who hasn't left home without that one coupon or 2 that they really needed when they got to the store? Well now you can put them all in one place in here. This can also be used as a coupon organizer. It will fit snuggly in the bottom or side of your purse and take up no room at all. Then you will always have your coupons when you need them most.
God Bless and have a great day,

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