Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I haven't been on here in a few days.

I have to tell you about this head. When I first put her down to start putting my things on her my Bischon started barking at her. I tried everything to let him know it was okay. He even sniffed it but once I put a scarf & muff on her he went nuts barking again. I guess she doesn't look so good according to him. J.P.(jesus' puppy) just doesn't seem to like her no matter what I tried. So whenever I have to dress her up I will just have to put up with J.P. barking at her.
This is just one of the Scarf and Muffler sets I have been working on lately. Boy is this thing warm. It kept my lap warm while I was crocheting it. So I know it will definitely keep someone warm this winter.

This thing above here is one of my Checkbook covers I have been working on. This one is made from satin fabric and covered with vinyl to make it durable for years of use. I have a few different ones made I have to get them up on my ecrater site so everyone can see them. I have some elmo & his friends material that I think I will try to make a few out of and see how they turn out. I have some beautiful orinental material with a gal on it in blue and one in tan that I plan to make a few out of. These I am selling for $10 w/$1.50 shipping.

These are 2 more of the scarfs & muff sets that have kept me busy. Actually they don't take me that long to make but is seems like when I get started on one I can't just stop when I'm done, I enevidably start on another right after. But I am going to turn to sewing for a bit because my hands are starting to bother me from so much crocheting. These I am selling the sets for $10 w/$3.25 shipping. The ones with just a scarf is only $8 w/$3.25 shipping.

So how is everyone doing this fine night. I have gotten all my emails read and I have all my pics downloaded so I can just rest for a few before I get started sewing on some more checkbook covers. Oh did I tell ya I have to go back to the Dr. (hospital) for a few more pics on the ol mammagram again. They are concerned about my left side. I have had a lump there for the past few years and it was fine but this year they want to take another look at it. She said it was routine but if it was then why didn't they do it the past few years. I guess I shouldn't get worried before I know something possitive. So I will just turn everyhting over to God and I know he will take care of it.
Well the door bells just rang and that means one of the dogs wants out. I have a set of jingle bells hanging from the frontdoor and if they need out they just ring the bells. So I will get off here and let them out.
God bless and don't let the bed bugs bite,

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