Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aren't these just the greatest. I got these for my birthday. Which is TODAY by the way. One from my daughter Katrina and the other from my Mom and Dad-in-law. My son will be stopping by later on in the day for a bit to visit.
My darlin will be taking me out to my favorite place to eat which is Bob Evans later in the day. That is a given. We always take each other to our favorite places to eat. Mine is Bob Evans and his is the Jade Buffet in town. We both way over eat at both places. Which is why this year we went out and last night bought a Total Gym 1100 and plan to really work at getting fit and losing those extra pounds that have packed on over the last couple of years. We have decided to cut out all breads and pastas for at least a month and see how much of a difference that makes. My daughter did that and lost over 30lbs in one month with no exercising. Just imagine what we can do with exercising. We are so excited.
Besides what better thing can you think of doing when you are stuck inside in the winter months with nothing to do. It's better than being a couch potato.
God Bless,

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