Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sales, sales and more sales,

Sales, sales and more sales, that is what is going on at ChristinasCreations. So go on over and take a look see. This is just a sampling of what is on the site. I want to clear out the old so I can put up the new but the old has to go first.
So go on over and take a look see and see for yourself what you want to take home.
I will have it mailed out to you within 3 days of your ordering it. I will email you as soon as I see you have ordered to confirm your order. I always put a confirmation # on all orders so you can track your order. That is a free service I do for all my clients.
All my things are made with love and are made to be put in the washer & dryer. Except for a few scrubbers that need to be left out to dry. But they can be washed in the washer.
Have a Blessed day,

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