Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Have the Right to Flip Off a Cop?

This is today's big story on yahoo. While I have to say "NO" to this, I do have to say I do agree to some of the story line from my own experience. I like to set and watch various cop shows on TV and see many times where they like to add on charges of where police get their feelings hurt when a person calls them a bad name and they then tell them they are adding charges to their arrest record for resisting arrest or such when clearly you can see on the tape the person has not resisted being arrested. Only the officers feeling have been hurt.
I know of an incident from my own experience where a close friend was arrested because they kept swearing in public (they were very upset about something and was uncontrollable but sober) and the officer told them to quit or he would arrest them for it. It so happens he did arrest them. That was many years ago and I now wonder after reading this story, if he was within his rights.
Sure I don't like hearing those words anymore than the next person but I have to admit I have let a few fly myself a time or two. Who hasn't. No one is PERFECT.
So to sum it up "those not so nice sounding words are covered under free speech."

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Jerry and Suzy said...

If you want to hear "free speech," watch almost any new movie (or older ones also) or listen to today's comics on stage. Every blue word in the world is right there for all to hear.

Ir you want to read free speech, go to Nick Russell's new "Bad Nick" blog. He opens a discussion rather tamely, but his followers rant and rave from every direction. Free speech indeed!