Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Memory of You, Chuck Skinner

The Lord took you all to soon is what they are saying.
But we being Christians know otherwise. That you were ready and knew where you were going. That you were going to a far better place than we can imagine right now. No more pain no more worries. Instead of you looking after us as you did morning and night, you are free to relax and finally enjoy your days and nights. Drink all the coffee you want. I'm sure it's always kept hot for you. Now you can have all the greasy food your heart desires. No liquid diet for you. Back to the robust, generous guy you are. I'm sure you're helping anyone that needs it up in heaven right now. No more hard days at work and coming home frustrated. Now you get to look at streets of the likes we can only dream of and wonderous trees of color. Hear the birds sing their beautiful songs. See the crystal waters flowing. What a wonderful sight it all must be.
No crying tears of sorrow for you as I say so long, only tears of joy as I rejoice to know where you are and that I am happy for you.

How I await the day to see you again my friend!

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