Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wi-Fi Locators

You can search Jiwire's registry for 140 countries.

Another by Jiwire called Zone Finder.

Then we have Wi-Fi No COST Spot who is geared toward NO COST hotspots.

Then we have HotSpot Haven where you put in the address where you want to find a hotspot, whether it be no cost or all hotspots.

The next one I found was WiFinder, where you find public access Wi-Fi spots, which number 38558 so far.

So whether you travel or just need a hotspot once in awhile this should give you a head start as to where to find one.

But don't forget the usual places like some Staples, McDonalds, Applebees, Barnes & Noble, along with Starbucks, and many truck stops, like FlyingJ, truck stops. There are many more places out there also that I am sure you know about.
Leave a comment and add them to the list if you'd like. I'm sure others would love to know where to look for them as would I.
God Bless......

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