Thursday, September 2, 2010

Checking in

I know I've been missing for a bit. I had been doing a search online last week and found a cousin I hadn't seen in over 20yrs. We had lost contact after our mother's died. Then our family reunion had stopped so our families had stopped getting together and we both had went on with our lives. She was still living in Ohio and I had the pleasure of going down there last weekend and spent a 4 day weekend visiting with her.
She was graced with having 4 of her grand kids for the weekend, so I got to meet them also. They were her youngest son's kids. They sure do enjoy the time they get to spend with grandma. As much as grandma does the time she gets with them.
Cathy and I stayed up all night the first night until 2 the next day just talking and catching up on all the things we missed over the years about each others lives. We were really close and it is good to know that we will be close again now that we are back in touch. Plus the 3hr. drive will not keep us apart. I will be doing the driving down there as she has diabetes and a stint in her leg so it is easier for me to drive than her. Plus I don't mind driving. Now I just need to get Larry to take us for a bike ride down there and he can meet her. It would be a great ride on the bike. I might talk him into it in about a month when the leaves start turning.
Well that's what I've been up to.

How about you--- what have you been up to??????

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