Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crocheted Rooster Towel Sets

These are just some of the towel sets I have on my site over at christinas-creations .
These are selling for $5 a set with only $1.50 shipping.
There are many other items I have on the site to look at. Scarves, I have a few if you are wanting to get a jump on the winter months. Many items to help with your Xmas list.
As I have said before -- ALL proceeds go toward helping others that are in need. As the weather starts to turn we are wanting to stock up on blankets and gloves and hats. So anything sold from the site is much appreciated. I will give a discount on any **BULK** purchase if anyone is needing more than just a few items. Like the wallets and checkbook/coupon holders.
Thanks for looking and have a very happy sunshiny day.

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