Monday, September 27, 2010

I am not trying to beat this to death

But I wanted to post this in response to the replies I had gotten from those saying that Obama was born in Hawaii.
I for one don't think he was. There have been way to many straightforward truths out there if only people would see them. The one where Michelle says he is Kenyan- how is someone Kenyan if you weren't born there?
My mother-in-law was born and raised in the south but moved to the north and lived here for over 40yrs. But you can't call her a northerner- you can tell it by her voice. You can't take the southern drawl out of her voice. Even though she's been here longer than she has the south.

The one where Obama himself says his popularity is getting low here in the US but in HIS country he is still popular. Last time I knew-- Hawaii was in the US, if that was where he was born and that wouldn't be called a country. So why would he say HIS country. Why aren't WE his country. There are just so many questions that haven't been answered.

Also like the one where Obama said in a heated discussion before he become a Senator- It's not like I'm running for Presidency- which I can't since I wasn't born in the US.

There are many videos on youtube to look at if you want to take the time to look through. Just click on the right bottom side of this video that says look at on youtube and it will take this video to the youtube site and it will show you many videos with the same content. Take your time and search through and make up your mind yourself- not just by what I put on my blog.
God gives each of us a choice-- use it to make your own choice...

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