Friday, October 8, 2010

Outing with Nanna

I had the joy of babysitting my youngest grandson the other day. He has a problem- he is a momma's boy all the way. So getting him to spend any time with Nanna is a chore. So we first went to the Dollar Store and looked at the Halloween decorations and I had mentioned maybe getting a donut at the restaurant early on. But he would have nothing with it. But after we got done at the store he quietly said he wanted a donut. So we headed to the restaurant.
He had no problem grabbing the one he wanted out of the box the waitress showed him. Her mistake for putting it so close to him. He got a chocolate milk to go along with it. While I enjoyed a coffee. He told me he hadn't had coffee before so he used his spoon and tried mine. After a few spoons full he decided he liked it but said it needed more sugar. "Actually I think he was just pulling my leg- his dad drinks coffee all the time."
I was able to get him to converse with me about the decorations hanging around the restaurant. Even got him to count them. He did very well, as he is 4yrs old. He preferred to rearrange the jams though. Wanted to make sure they were even in their container.
I wanted to post a few pics I took of him while he was enjoying his donut and chocolate milk.
Not often I get to spend time with him without him crying all the time for his momma. Which he did none of on this day. He was quite the BIG BOY...

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Goose Hill Farm said...

Oh, Christina....he is PRECIOUS!