Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another visitor today

This one is called an Argiope. Technically, this is an Argiope aurantia, otherwise known as a black and yellow garden spider, or a "writing" spider, because he weaves a line of white X's down the center of his web. Actually the big ones are the females and the smaller/wimpy ones are the males. So I am guessing this one is the female.

The Lord sure has been providing us with some sights the last few days. Big ones at that.

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Christina said...

Creepy crawly things and I do not get along.. We have been bombarded with spiders here where we live. And they always seem to find me and bite me. I am constantly looking for and cleaning the house for spiders and their webs. I know they are useful but not when they are always biting me. uuggg