Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Look what visited us

Mr. L. was mowing the lawn and we believe he disturbed this big guy from where he might have been in my flowers. I spotted him crawling up the porch so I just had to take some pictures of him. As you can see I took a few of him. Man was he a big guy. I'd say about 6 inches at least. Was fun to watch him. If you notice in one of the pictures he has his front leg twisted up and in his mouth. That one is really a neat picture. He seem to have no problem with me following him around and taking his picture at all. He even looks right at me in a couple of the shots. (as if to say-- make sure and get my good side--)


Chinatours said...

Lovely background of your blog. Greetings

Christina said...

I remember those. I have a toad that lives just outside my front door. He got me one day, I was picking tomatoes and he jumped right out and landed on my foot.I was barefoot at the time. Me and bugs and things DO NOT get along. I was okay after I seen what it was. My fear comes from my brothers scaring me with those things as a child. Putting them down my back or in my bed. NOT fun.