Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easy Peasy Cheap Envelopes

I have been meaning to post this for some time now but have been forgetting. Until today when I needed an envelope to mail a letter to my nephew.
So I figured this was as good a time as any to get busy and post the way I make my cheap homemade envelopes. Before you ask--**YES**-- these do go through the postal system just fine.
I have many magazines laying around as I get plenty. Most have very nice/interesting pictures on the pages with very little words.
So, me being the frugal person I am was out of envelopes one day and had to get this one particular letter sent out many years ago. Well I had one of my magazines laying on the coffee table and it was open to a page that had a nice picture. I decided to tear out the page and fold it twice just so-- as it would hold the letter and put tape on the sides and the back to secure it. You'll have to trim off the one side. I called the person I was mailing the letter to after I mailed the letter to let them know what I had done and asked that they let me know when they received the letter.
To my happiness it was received in the same amount of time as a letter sent in a regular envelope. Plus it wasn't torn or anything.
I had placed the stamp in the same place as normal -- all I did was put a piece of white paper with the address on it for the person it was being sent to and my address label where it belonged.
A major AHHH moment.
I have tons of magazines- I can save on envelopes and just make my own- well I have for the past 5 or more years now. I get tape at my Dollar Store in these 6 packs and I just transfer it onto the holder when it runs out.
PLUS you know those envelopes they send you in your JUNK mail-- the ones with the little windows???
I save those and use them also. BUT make sure they don't have a prepaid label or stamp on them. Just the blank envelopes. Those are simple to use. You can either cover the window with a address label, or I have sometimes made a label and put inside. Or you can simply turn the envelope around and use the back as the front. Making sure to cover the window so no one sees what is inside.

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