Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finished my grandaughter's hat

I wish I had her here to model it but I don't and Larry said "NO WAY" was he going to model it for me. I laid it on a plastic bag so you could see it better as it would clash with my couch. The colors are pink, red and maroon.  I got her 2 different colors of ribbon to put in it the pink one I have on it now and a red one so she can interchange them.
I hope she will like it. She is in that preppy stage so it's hard to please her.  But she loves her Nanna and she seems to love anything I make for her.

I have to give credit for the pattern to this hat to CroCreations as this is Tracie's pattern. I recently came across her blog and started following her and found this pattern and thought I'd try it and it was really easy to follow. I say easy because I  CAN NOT read crochet directions. But I was able to figure her's out. She had pics to follow which really helped me out also.


Tracie said...

Thank You so much for the comment on my blog and for linking me on your post! Your hat looks great, I can't wait to see a picture of your Granddaughter in it. I have also become a follower of your blog and have enjoyed looking through your posts. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and look forward to stopping by again soon.

Christina said...

Thank you Tracie for stopping by. My granddaughter is 10 so I had to make the hat a little bigger than yours on your blog. But I like the way it turned out. I did notice you became a follower as I did of your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I don't show much of my crochet but do post other things.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I made this for myself

Christina said...

I'm so glad. I haven't been making much crocheted items lately as my hands haven't been up to par for me lately.