Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Chunky Necklace

I come across this necklace and just loved it so I went about my stash looking for something I could make this with.

Well I didn't have what it took to make *THAT* particular necklace so I made my own version. I have to say I like it much better. Not as *fancy* looking. I have to say it did take some time to make as it took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do to get the outcome of what I wanted. The one end has an *O* ring I made onto the end so the flower would slip through. You can't tell but the back of the necklace that goes around your neck is braided. Which makes it extra soft and stretchable. Since the beads do tend to make it a bit heavy. It ended up being about 18 in. long. The Yarn is Dark Thyme, TLC Amore' by Red Heart. Boy is it a soft yarn.
Can't wait to try it out-- maybe this weekend.
Hint- hint--Mr. Somebody......

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Christina said...

Thank you. When I started it I didn't know what it would ended up looking like but I like the way it looks. I had a bunch of the beads from doing necklaces with my granddaughter and wanted to do something with them. I had seen others do things with them and yarn so figured I would give it a try. I made another one with blue fuzzy yarn too. Larry really likes that one.