Monday, January 17, 2011

My Multi-Colored Sweater

Well this started out as something else as do many of my projects. But the farther I got with it- it just didn't seem to look right so I turned it into this very colorful sweater. NO*** I do not or did NOT have a pattern. As most of my projects are just done from doing. That's what makes them so fun. I never know what they will end up looking like. I have a picture in my head of what I may want them to look like but to see if they end up that way is another story.

I can say it kept me *VERY* warm. I got many compliments on it. I ended up at the discount store where I buy most of my yarn and the first thing --Christine-- {one of the ladies that works there} said was " I know that yarn". 
The only thing I would do differently next time is make the arm holes bigger. Or put a few more stitches along the sides. But I have to say for the 1st sweater I have ever made and with no pattern I think it turned out pretty well.
The premise was from *Jacob's coat of many colors*. I always liked that story.

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