Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gatorade Recipe

Mr. L. has been wanting gatorade for work but wanting to take 2 bottles a day adds up. So I had come across this recipe a few years back and never had given it a try. So I dug it out and did some taste testing and came out with this.

2 envelopes of kool aid (Mr. L. prefers "Grape")
18 Tablespoons of sugar
1/2 tea. of table salt
1/4 tea. of Nu Salt

I mixed this in with 1 gallon of water and Mr. L. said it tasted just like (if not better) than gatorade.
You can adjust the sugar if you want but I must say it did taste fine just as it was. And I'm not that much of a gatorade drinker. It's not suppose to be that sweet since it's not kool aid. But it does come out pretty good with just the 18 tablespoonfuls.
The cost isn't that much. My Kroger store had kool aid 10 for $1 this week so I stocked up. Then with you not using that much sugar and salt's it's maybe 26-30cents a gallon. So I'd say that's pretty got for making it yourself. It gives him 4 bottles out of that with the 32oz. bottle he has. Not bad I'd say.


Chinatours said...

Lovely bottles! Have a nice day.

Christy Young said...

My husband is a car hauler and gets really overheated. I've begun making this recipe for him, after finding out Gatorade uses aborted baby cells for flavor testing. Thank you for providing this delicious alternative to Gatorade. God bless you!

Christina said...

Than your husband for his work. Being a truck driver is never easy.
I make this all the time for the gr-kids. Much better for them than pop. Hubby likes it after doing yard work. I always keep some made up on hand.
Have a sweet day hon.