Sunday, March 11, 2012

For all the animal lovers...Something FREE..

I don't know about you but my doggies mean the world to me. So if ever anything were to happen at my home while I was away I would want someone to know I have them inside and how many. So I want to share this with you. It is a FREE Window Decal for you to send for that you can list what animal you have. It even has a place for *other* animals. So I wanted to make sure you send for yours. 

Free Window Decal

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

Now I will tell you that I don't put my *real* email address on things like this. Since you don't have to confirm your request. I just hate getting so many emails and then trying to get them to stop sending you the stuff is so frustrating. I did send for this and my fake email address went through no problem. I do see that if you click on the link again you can reorder another one of these with no problems. 
I like to have at least 2 of these so I have these on both of my doors so they will be easily seen.

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.