Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I would love one of these..

I found this and I will have to make one this summer. If not a few for different windows.
I would love to be able to see the birds make their nest and see the babies hatch inside. It would be great for the grand kids to see also. 


Denise said...

That is really cool.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind having one of these. I'm not sure what the cat would do.

Christina said...

Was just talking with hubby about this yesterday. He says he will make me up 2 when the weather warms up. But the only thing is we have screens on all our windows so we will be modifying it. Make have to put a pole in front of the window to set it on. I have a flower bed in front of the kitchen windows so that would work, if we put the pole in the flower garden. It would look natural.