Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something new I found

We all use some sort of oil, grease or something to cook with. Well I went from cooking oils, to olive oil to now---
 Lou Ana Pure Coconut Oil.
We have been using this the past 2 wks. and couldn't be more pleased. It adds so much flavor to the food and all you need is a little bit added to your frying pan/skillet. It doesn't leave your food dripping like oils do. It seems to absorb into the food. Our fried egg sandwiches we have for breakfast, couldn't taste better. 
I made fried potatoes the other night and they tasted so good we had a hard time not going back for seconds. 
The only place you can find this is Walmart at $5.98. The price is more than I wanted to pay but I'm glad I did because I will not try anything else again. 
It comes in a solid form. Go pick it up at your Walmart today. It's in the baking isle with all the other oils.


Anonymous said...
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Denise said...

Such a great find.