Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update--Free 1yr. AARP Membership for those 50+

Magellan Health Services is giving anyone over 50 yrs. old a 1 yr. membership to AARP for FREE. 

So *Please* go and sign up to get your card now. You can also add your spouse/partner, no matter their age. They have many benefits to offer and savings on things you use.  You will get your kit in 4-8 weeks in the mail.

I'm heading there to get mine now.........

Free 1yr. AARP Membership

**If anyone is having trouble getting this just call AARP at 888-687-2277 and let them know you signed up for this on March 8th. But haven't gotten it yet and you got an email confirmation from so they should have a record of sending you the confirmation. They might himhaw but they will give you the FREE 1yr. membership.** 

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