Sunday, July 25, 2010

Churchgoers opting for simpler houses of worship

This is what we did over 5yrs. ago. We had went to a number of churches but just couldn't find one that made us feel right. Where two or more people are gathered in his name, there he will be. We find that our calling is the street more than in doors though. We are constantly meeting people in stores, restaurants, the post office and even garage sales.
We have found the simplest way of getting a conversation going is when someone asks how are you doing, is to answer "I am BLESSED." That is sure to get the conversation going in one direction or another. A person will eagerly tell you their story if only you"ll listen. What's to say that 10-15 minute conversation won't change a person's whole day around and you may never know it. It will have been a seed you planted. When we plant them we don't always get to see them grow. That person may have been contemplating to do harm to themselves but because of the way you greeted them you changed their whole outlook on life.

Now go to this story and enjoy.

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