Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry I haven't been on for a few days

But I got a deal on this Tender Cooker at the Salvation Army Store last week for $2.06 and I decided to google for some recipes for it. WELL, I guess that was a BAD idea. When I did and I put in "Nordic Ware Tender Cooker Recipes" and I clicked on a site that had recipes and it took me to a page and it started opening up and all of a sudden I get this BIG "Security Tool" warning that says a virus is trying to take over my computer and steal my passwords and credit card information I have on my computer plus has put 28 other virus' on my computer.
OH BOY! Right off the bat I know it's not one of my programs alerting me. So I shut down my computer. But when I start it up again it is right there telling me the same thing. Plus it won't let me get logged onto my computer. So I had to take my computer into Staples and pay $129 to have them clear this thing off my computer.
They were familiar with it. Said it started showing up about 3 months ago. It can come from anything, a site or even a recorded CD or DVD and stays dormant for a bit then all of a sudden pops up.

Well while my laptop was getting fixed I had my other one to use. So I did a dumb thing and did a search again for recipes. You guessed it. BUT this time my AVAST on this computer caught it and deleted it. So you can bet after I got my laptop back today the first thing I did was install AVAST on it.
I was only running AVG on it.
Alex at Staples said that he runs Avast and Malwarebytes on his and has had no problems.
They are both FREE programs. You can go to cnet to find all sorts of free programs and they give reviews. He also told me to add an add-on for my Firefox called WOT a Browsing Tool. Since I use Firefox for my browser. So you can bet I am doing as he says. He really helped me and put my mind to rest when I went in to pick up my laptop today.

By the way if anyone has a Tender Cooker and has any recipes for it could you send them my way????

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