Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your donations

From your donations and generosity we have been able to provide many with Bibles as of late. To see their faces when they receive a Bible is such joy. They are so eager to be able to read the Lord's word. I don't know who gets a bigger joy, them or us. To listen when they tell us of what lead them to where they are now in their lives. For them to realize that the Lord had always been there but they never paid attention until now. Like their eyes have just now been opened. Which is so true.
To be able to tell them that their lives have just begun and the best is yet to come. To know that we have them as a brother or sister now is such a thrill. That we will see them in heaven. It puts such a feeling in our hearts. Such a glow.

We can only accomplish this and the giving of the Care Packages & Food from your donations. Which you have been so generous with and I hope you continue. We enjoy doing the Lord's work and with your loving kindness we can continue to.
We do as much as we can to provide everything ourselves but our finances only go so far. That is why we appreciate your blessings. As Christians we are a strong family that helps each other. We do not judge and begrudge anyone.
The Lord says if you have 2 coats and you see someone has none then give him one. We gladly give anything we have that we know someone else can use.
We are so glad you/our friends feel the same way and show it with your donations.

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