Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hectic last few weeks....

Well I haven't been on because first there was joy in my life because my son had come to visit from Calif. He will be with us for a bit so that makes me very happy.
I hadn't seen him in a couple years so as a parent we are always happy when a child comes back home to visit.
But no sooner than had he been here a few days and my daughter and her family had come by to visit- (they now live only 20 miles from us), they finished their visit and had left and I got a frantic call from my daughter that they had hit a deer.
I literally RAN from one end of my home to the other getting my purse and told my son we had to go as I was running down the front steps and he was letting in the dog and locking the door. I had left the house without my glasses and flying down my road at 60mph. I knew right where she was- there are plenty of deer that cross our road. This is the scene I found.

The deer was literally cut in half. It didn't end up in the car. The Lord was watching over the kids. Although it did release it's self (#2) and my daughter got that  (she was in the front seat) and the guts went flying into the back seat ( riders side) where my granddaughter was setting. Poor girl. She then proceeded to scream and stand up to push it to the floor and want out of the car, immediately . The glass shattered everywhere. My daughter got a cut lip and some cuts to her arms and chest. Everyone got glass in their hair. I gave her, my granddaughter and one grandson a hair cut. There was blood, feces, guts and hair all through the car. It looked like someone killed a family in there. If I had looked at the car first inside-I would've thought they were all dead. It's a good thing I seen them at the people's house they stopped at first. The people were kind enough to get buckets of water to help clean them up and let my daughter and granddaughter take showers to clean up.
Boy-- that was a frightening day... But the Lord does watch over us.
My youngest grandson Logan-(5yrs. old) is just mad that his car seat has blood on it and he has to get a new one. What a way to look at the situation! He was a trooper through the whole thing- he just looked around and said -- that deer messed up our car.

Things have calmed down a bit and I have been spending time with my son. 
Mr. L. had sold the motorcycle earlier this year and got himself a Scooter. He rides it back and forth to work and all around town. He gets about 90-100 miles to a gal. of gas. So with our gas at $3.56 that's not to bad. He can go for about 2 weeks back and forth to work on a gal of gas.
Wish I got that good of gas on my van.

So that is the reason I have been absent for a bit.

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